female warrior series.

My passion is to hold space for mutually inspiring women who are on the journey towards deeper connection, empowerment and spiritual growth.
My events create a unique opportunity for women to learn more about themselves and the functioning of their bodes. They are designed to open up a
space for inspiration, connection and real talk.

We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are – Rupi Kaur. 

The female warrior series is a regular yoga practice (1-1,5hrs) for modern women that wish to spend a dedicated time slot per week nurturing their precious bodies in this stress-filled, fast-paced world in which there are plenty of challenges to being a woman. The weekly sessions incorporate a dedicated set of yoga poses coupled with toning body movement sequences. They are designed to invigorate our body and keep it healthy and strong. Meditation and breath work will play on your nervous system and relieve the stress on our hormonic circuity. We will use softer movement, mantra and meditative yin sequences (on different topics) to help you reconnect to your inner voice and female power.

Discover in my female warrior series how to:

  • Improve your level of fitness, detox your body and raise your vibrations
  • Balance out your nervous and hormone system through dedicated movement and breathing
  • Discover your feminine and masculine energies and learn how to play to the unique strengths of it
  • Release energy blockings and refuel and recharge your diva bodies

From time to time I will address different relevant topics of today’s modern woman in longer workshops (read more below)

Let’s talk about: Mood swings, skin problems, weight shifts and the way those typical female struggles make us feel towards our bodies – disconnected. More often than not these experiences are related to a disbalance of our hormonal circuit caused by stress, sleep deprivation, constant worry and overall our busy life – the everyday, collective experience of today’s modern woman.
By gaining a deeper understanding on what’s behind all that, we can learn to integrate it (that’s what it is there for) and step back into the flow of womanhood. We’ll talk about:

  • Nurturing your body through nutrition, movement and simple changes in your daily routines and mindset
  • Saying no to self destructive relationships and yes to body positivity and self love
  • Connecting more deeply to your heart and your purpose
  • Living by the (your) moon and leveraging the power of your cycle
  • Anti-aging hacks and longevity
  • Jealousy
  • (more topics in the making)

If you want to find out about the next workshops/ regular classes or have burning topics that you would like to discuss, please reach out to me!