What moves you?

High highs and low lows are taking turns in our volatile lifes and everything is in constant move, fast. Throwing us out of our balanced state, into a stuck state or burning us out which stops us from moving at all. For me body work and breath represent the best means to create this movement and (re)establish that inner balance. And besides the physical benefits achieved through yoga, more often than not it acts as a catalyst for transforming your life for the better. Let me support you in creating a strong body, balanced mind and moving into your full potential. 


Besides holding a Yoga Alliance certification my teachings are strongly rooted in a broad range of yogic disciplines including Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Tantra, Yin Yoga coupled with a functional background in Pilates (core strength) and Barre (balance, legs and booty). With over 6 years of experience in teaching yoga, meditation and pilates and specialized trainings in a wide set of disciplines from Reiki, Sound Healing, Budokon and many others each one offers a piece to the puzzle. If you’d like to have a nosey about where and with whom I’ve trained so far, check out my trainings site here.


My classes are what you want them to be. If you need energy, yoga makes you feel invigorated while it calms you down if you are a nervous wreck. I am offering dynamic flowing classes suitable for all levels. The classes blend a highly effective mix of meditation, movement, breath and are alive with music, which is another deep passion of mine. My playlists can range from ritual dance, ancient Indian mantra over to deep house beats and instrumental sounds. Or simply ujaij, the sound of your own breath.


I am teaching yoga, core workout, barre, breath work and meditation classes in group format and 1:1 sessions. You can join me for my weekly classes or book private sessions where I employ my different approaches tailored to your needs. For my current heart topics I have developed some special programs:

Did you know that some major health issues and stress are caused or directly related to false or inappropriate breathing? (Re)establishing healthy breathing can change your life!

Breathwork helps to:

  • reduce stress as it clears cortisol out of the bloodstream
  • improve the overall health and wellbeing and boosts the immune system
  • bring you to the present moment
  • boost focus and creativity
  • enter meditation
  • improve sleep and boosts your energy levels

The practice:

  • 4 coaching sessions à 30 minutes over the time of one month
  • Learn the major breathing techniques that you can use to reach your goals
  • To-Go: Receive 3 breathwork sequences on audio that allow you to practice whenever needed

Learn how to utilize your breath that affects body and mind on a profound level to overcome some of the most common health challenges. 120€ (incl. VAT)

“Corinna is my absolutely favorite yoga teacher in Berlin. She radiates so much positive energy. The private classes with her provide the perfect balance between activation and relaxation – always perfectly tailored to my needs. The music, environment and the course of each yoga lesson are each time finely intertwined which is really impressive. What I like most about Corinna is her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The yoga sessions with her have positive effects on my health, my fitness, my work-life-balance and especially on my positive attitude towards life.” – Philipp, medical doctor, Berlin (Sept 2020)