The procrastination downward spiral.

get shit done stop procrastination

High-scoring in procrastination! Scoring high is good, isn’t it?
It’s ironic, but for three days now I’ve been procrastinating writing a concept for my job as a freelancer (“fun” fact: it’s my dream job). Doing what I love but eventually not doing it really because of keeping myself too busy with other irrelevant stuff. Oh wow, Corinna. Seriously? 
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Hi(gh) on Cacao!

There are times when I feel sad, lonely, broken, overwhelmed, lacking self-love. There are occasions in this crazy lifetime where my body is simply craving for comfort, warmth, coziness, grounding. On other days I am so full and I want to share it with the collective in meditation or simply bath myself in this energy. In this post I’m gonna share with you everything about why I drink raw cacao and how.  Read More