The procrastination downward spiral.

get shit done stop procrastination

High-scoring in procrastination! Scoring high is good, isn’t it?
It’s ironic, but for three days now I’ve been procrastinating writing a concept for my job as a freelancer (“fun” fact: it’s my dream job). Doing what I love but eventually not doing it really because of keeping myself too busy with other irrelevant stuff. Oh wow, Corinna. Seriously? 

I’ve done all the wanna do’s I could possibly think of. Watering my plants, cooking some fancy stuff (with +10 ingredients), walking the dog, learning to play the guitar. Having phone calls with random people. I’ve done it all. All the easy/ fun stuff. I’ve also distracted myself with less important work, or more easy-going work. I’ve been watching informative spiritual series on Gaia (this at least justifies my shallow guilt with the fact that I am doing at least something meaningful and educative). Oh and I’ve been unconsciously/ instinctively clicking a million times the rainbow-coloured camera icon on my phone for social networking which leaves me anything but social after consuming it acc to my stats on average for 53 minutes a day (another not so “fun” fact: This is one whole day per month). Phew. And in the end it always gives me the feeling that literally everyone around me is birthing something great, great ideas great whatever, while I am just sitting observing other people doing cool stuff). Yea, well good job, Corinna! (pls imagine this highly ironic tone fall here). 

Well, well. I feel that some negative emotions are coming up. Some judgmental emotions why I am doing this now AGAIN (I know this pattern: Doing sth stupid, being mad about me doing sth stupid and being mad about my mood that has now resulted from all this mess…blah).

OK WAIT…maybe doing a meditation for more focus can help – self-care is always important. (Me looking for a guided meditation on YouTube that might solve the little mental mess that I just created myself). Ok too many meditations listed. To many options. Starting with the first one. Ok I don’t like it. Moving over to the next one. Ok no, the voice. Now after 30 mins of „ meditation” swapping I have not even completed one single meditation. Ok, wow, „you have done NOTHING”. Not even a meditation. (Not to mention the concept I was initially intending to write for my freelance job hehe).

[Possible procrastination enhancing variable: These kinds of situations usually become more desperate when there is no concrete (external?) deadline involved or one that is (subjectively) dated far in the future. And so the tiny reminder popping up in your head is unconsciously clicked away with a mere “remind me tomorrow” which has become pretty much an automation. The procrastinating self usually finds justification in the fact that there is still plenty of time left and so hours, days, weeks are passing. Not until the night before where the pressure simply gets too great the bastard finally gets things done finding himself in a hyper—stressed state at 22:13 (before due date at midnight) on his laptop finishing stuff.] 

Does all that sound familiar? The self talks including the emotional downward spiral and the procrastation ^100. This is pretty human. And you are not alone. And congratulations, you are aware of it. 

Now what? How to break the repetitive pattern?

Again, the first step is always: Become aware of it. Take a deep breath. Try to step out of the situation, dissociate yourself, see the bigger picture. Tell someone about the little messy drama that you have just been creating and most probably he/she will tell you his/her personal experiences. Then you both admit the irrationality and always-pleasure-seeking human nature. Then you laugh about it. And hopefully you are not taking things too seriously. Amen.

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Ciao for now and happy procrastinating.