Hi(gh) on Cacao!

There are times when I feel sad, lonely, broken, overwhelmed, lacking self-love. There are occasions in this crazy lifetime where my body is simply craving for comfort, warmth, coziness, grounding. On other days I am so full and I want to share it with the collective in meditation or simply bath myself in this energy. In this post I’m gonna share with you everything about why I drink raw cacao and how. 

Maybe it’s because when I drink cacao I take a designated time slot for myself, for self-care or meditation, holding space for myself to connect. Maybe it’s because cacao is scientifically proven to contain plenty of mood boosting ingredients. Maybe it’s because of the “cacao spirit”. No need to explain, cacao somehow does it and helps me to (re)connect in times where I feel more disconnected from others and also from myself. Indigenous (South American) myths say that whenever the earth has come out of balance, (the spirit of) cacao finds its way back to the people to open their hearts and reestablish the balance between humans and nature. 

What is cacao

The cacao tree has its origins in Central/ South America. When the cacao pods are ripe, they are harvested and cut open for the cacao beans which then being fermented and dried. Often the beans are then being roasted for reasons of conservation and flavor for further processing of chocolate. For ceremonial cacao this step however is left out in order to preserve its raw constitution and its full range of nutritional and medical benefits. 

High in (high on)… 

Especially in its raw form cacao contains plenty of vital nutrients such as antioxidants, magnesium, iron, zinc, Vitamin C, Omega 6 fatty acids, phenyletylamine, anandamide, tryptophan, serotonin and fibers. Due to its high density of nutrients cacao is also known as the superfood of superfoods. If you want to know more about it I highly recommend this book which has more than 20 pages about cacao and lists plenty of other amazing super foods. What I personally find very special about cacao is that it is a scientifically proven mood elevator, as cacao triggers the production of hormones such as serotonin, endorphin and dopamine. 

Drinking cacao

Take 15-20 grams or raw cacao for a daily dose, and 35-40 grams for a ceremonial dose. Beware that cacao is strong. Half of it is often enough to feel the full connection in case you are very sensitive. 


In general cacao is safe to use. Cacao however contains caffeine, oxalic acid and may influence your neurotransmitter system. In case you are on special medication, use antidepressants or are dealing with special heart conditions please check with your medication and doctor before consuming. Cacao is non-psychoactive. It may however enhance the effect of psychoactive substances due to its MAO inhibiting effects. 

Cacao ceremony

This is how my cacao ceremony looks like once in a while: I love to do it before meditation, before moving in the morning, before doing stuff, before having coffee/ breakfast. There are however plenty of occasions for a ceremonial cacao ritual such as new moon/ full moon or for accompanying healing or coaching sessions. Cacao can also be a wonderful thing for weddings or birthdays. Even for work events it is an optimal tool to enhance concentration and focus without the wired buzz of caffeine. For its bonding and mood/motivation properties it can be especially great for team/company events towards building trust and connection. 

How to prepare the love drink:

  • Always: Prepare it with love, intention (& honor where it comes from)
  • Heat 200g of water/ plant milk to about 40-50 degrees (alternatively you can use boiling water/ milk for brewing with dried or fresh lavender leaves, fresh chilli pepper,  cinnamon sticks, cardamon, let it soak for a bit and take out the spice chunks)
  • (The milk/ water must not be over 40-50 degrees before you) add the raw cacao. 
  • Let the cacao melt.
  • Optional: Add a pinch of salt, vanilla, cinnamon powder, cayenne pepper (if you like spicy).
  • Optional: Add date or coconut sugar.
  • Blend it all up with a mixer.
  • Bring in your intention before you drink it.
  • Be open and aware to receive the effects on your heart, mind, body. 

Drink enough water as cacao is a natural diuretic!

Where to buy?
Try to beware of where your cacao is coming from. Make sure that it is organic, sustainably sourced, a fair price is being paid for it etc. For 3 years now I love to buy mine from my dear friend Jens via https://bali-star.de
who works closely with the local farmers and co-operatives. From him you’ll even get wildly collected cacao from Peru, Ecuador, Bali and Bolivia. 

May cacao enhance your life & practice and lift you up into the high highs of love and bring you down into the depths of connection.