You are running or working in a company and you do care about the health and wellbeing of your employees? And you are well aware that a business to thrive needs thriving employees? Let me assist you in assisting your employees to become more focused, serene, creative, overall happier and less distracted in the workplace. Let’s maximize your fitness, health and mindfulness and thrive together in this age of high complexity. My recent partners include: Meltwater, Oceans Apart, Formlabs, Shutterstock, Florida TV and Wikimedia.

If you’d like to work with me, please check out the different formats I’m offering or ask for individual consultancy. All seminars, workshops and coaching are available as exclusively online formats. Not sure where to start? No problem…Here are two designated programs I’ve developed for you:

  • Pre-office Yoga, lunchtime yoga, after-work Yoga (remote or in the office)
  • Breathwork routines that can be learnt and applied throughout the day to better manage energy and stress levels
  • Meditation techniques and topical medications for creativity and focus
  • Can be regular events or one time master classes

I love to work with corporate teams practicing a solid physical morning activation and breathing techniques to enter brain’s most productive states. The weekly sessions incorporate a dedicated set of yoga poses coupled with activating body movement sequences. They are designed to invigorate the body and keep it healthy. Coupled with meditation and breathwork the practice will play on the nervous system, clear mental blocks and collect one’s thoughts before, in the midst or after an intense business day. I guess we need no further research to confirm that employees work more efficiently, creative and productive when they are healthy, balanced and happy.

“Own your morning and be the master(mind) of your day”

  • Holistic, mindfulness & agile-inspired workshop training and coaching program
  • Topical workshops and masterclasses: Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence, New Work, Agility, Conflict-solving, Resilience
  • Suitable for team-building, corporate events or onboarding and regular HR development programs

My passion is to hold space for conscious teams and innovative minds who are willing to lift their work to a higher level. My events create a unique opportunity for teams to learn more about themselves and the functioning of their body and mind. They are designed to open up a space for physical & mental wellbeing, conscious productivity and forceless creativity. They help establish a strong, sustainable and trustful corporate culture, healthy team dynamics and individual wellbeing. The program can be designed according to your needs and may serve different intentions. So far I have been booked for the following topics: Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence, Establishing agile values & mindset in a team, Scrum ceremonies and goal-setting, Creative thinking & innovation workshops, Trust-building and connecting teams,…

Please contact me for a detailed program description or let’s talk about your individual program goals.

“I cannot recommend Corinna and her excellent morning yoga sessions within our office highly enough! Corinna took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and was able to provide a style of yoga which worked for all and left us buzzing for the rest of the day. I only wish we got her involved us sooner!”
– Michael on behalf of Meltwater Berlin (Sept 2020)