My Work

I strongly believe that mindfulness is the gateway to sustainable productivity, collaboration and focus. Further I believe that what matters in this time of heightened velocity and complexity is not know-how but know-why.

Given my background in coaching, NLP and emotional intelligence I help you and your team to discover limiting beliefs and mindsets, energy draining habits and emotional behavioral patterns and finding their why at work. Some effective little remedies and practices at hand will enhance the levels of productivity and focus which more often than not lead to happier employees and eventually better results.

My Corporate Story

With a Master’s degree in International Business and earlier careers in the Automotive and Marketing agency environment I know quite well how (efficient and straightforward vs. non-efficient and messy) project work functions in the classical and new world. In times where the work environment is highly complex and unpredictable I am aware of the increasing pressure and mental stress employees are exposed to on a daily basis – (I’ve been right there). What helped me to develop resilience were solid self-care and mindfulness practices which not only had a huge impact on my own wellbeing but also on the role I had in a team through enhanced self-awareness. In addition I have equipped myself with many genius—grade productivity tools for working more structured, focused and creative that allowed to fully embrace my work-life balance without sacrificing my business results. My first time collaborating with an inspiring business coach helped my break-through to a healthy and successful life and totally overrode my „I can do that all on my own“ mentality. I am deeply grateful for that life-changing experience that challenged my thinking, helped me eliminate the mental and energetical blockers and made me become the expert of my own life. My vision now is to share my own experiences and learnings with teams in the corporate environment and supporting employees and leaders to unlock their potential and move forward at a faster pace. And I wish for the business world to evolve in that the work with a coach or productivity expert happens not only in the context of scarcity or underperformance but is seen as an opportunity for progression and growth in this age of overwhelming velocity and complexity.

Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing. – Jon Rabatt-Zinn

Want more info on my business background, check out my experiences page for all the hard facts and roles I’ve had so far.