This is an exclusive coaching program for 1:1 clients who are looking for personalized outside guidance in regards to some major life challenges or looking for someone to challenge, encourage and empower you towards accomplishing your goals and dreams faster.

Congratulation on your willingness to develop and grow. All transformation begins with awareness

What (not) to expect from my coaching sessions:
I am not going to give you answers to these questions that will solve all your problems TODAY. But I am going to assist you unlocking the answers within yourself. I am going to employ different life coaching tools, breathing techniques, meditation and visioning techniques. And I am going to ask you a hell lot of questions and pull you out of your comfort zone. I am not the person who will always tell you what you want to hear. But I will see in you who or what you can be if there were not all these doubts and hindrances within you. Let me support you in becoming the master of your own life. Let me support you on your way!


This 1:1 coaching session will assist you in creating more balance, grounding and stability in your life. We start with building trust and confidence. We look at limiting beliefs. We work with techniques to release stress, tension and heavy emotions. We create more self-awareness and unleash unhealthy patterns. We build radical self-care and self-love rituals. This coaching goes more towards your lower chakras for confidence, trust and safety. Creating a strong base is the prerequisite to create the life that you wish for. I work with you with different coaching tools and approaches, breath, meditation, affirmations.

1 Session, Face-to-face or via Zoom, 90mins
120€ incl. VAT

This 1:1 empowering coaching session builds on the “wind-down” coaching format and requires a strong base to define and work on your life’s goals. This one is all about your heart’s desires. We look into your purpose, your talents and strengths and how to add value to your life and be of service. We look into your burning life questions in regards to relationship, career, growth and wellbeing and your innate goals. In this coaching we work with your higher chakras towards strength, creativity, vision and connection. Here I work a lot with vision meditations, breathing techniques, cacao and my different coaching approaches.

1 Session, Face-to-face or via Zoom, 90mins
120€ incl. VAT

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